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About Us

“Hi, we are MWI.”

We are a globally expanding FinTech company focused on scraping services.

  • MWI

    Scraping and data center operations.
    Planning and Development of derivative and related scraping products.
    Planning and Development of global deployment of scraping services.
    Communication Design, UX/UI Design.

  • MJS

    Development and sales of business application software for the tax accountant, certified public accountant firm and its business destinations.
    Sales of general-purpose servers and computers, sales and maintenance of supplies.
    Provision of management information service, training and development service, consulting service, etc.

  • Webcash

    Provision of various services such as internet banking as a financial system solutions vendor for banks and financial institutions.

  • Coocon

    Provision of scraping and business infrastructures for financial institutions.



Our mission is to create global business value to our customers by providing the highest quality solutions and services.

  • Scraping

    Scraping Promotion

    Service Systems and Sales Planning
    Application of Separate Softwares and APIs
    Application Expansion and Support

  • Scraping

    Development and Operation of Enterprise Portals

    Multi-language Support
    Support of the Development of Enterprise Portals
    Authentication and Construction of Accounting Systems
    Infrastructure Management

  • Scraping

    Content Development

    Content Development and Sales
    Multilingual Content
    Muster and Sales of External Content

  • Scraping

    Global Business Expansion

    Planning and Sales of Global Content

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The most important thing that connects our team members is to "cherish team work and communication." A specialist group of people origininating from different countries and fields of studies.
That, is MWI.

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